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Hello, fellow cuntlovers...
I am a bright & shiny new thing in this community, so *wave* and "hi!"
I bought Cunt a long time ago it seems, and I've since read it and re-read it and lent it to friends and highlighted it and discussed it and let it change the way I see myself and the world. No other book has had as great an affect on me as it has. It's truly mind-altering.

Well, I thought I'd share one of my favourite excerpt from it. Which you may share your thoughts on, or counter with your favourite excerpt... Anywho, it's under the cut:
"In school we learn that one of the best survival strategies is being part of a clique. With our friends, we create a little tiny world with codes for conduct, morality, dress, communication, ethnicity and sexuality. We then learn to judge everyone else who is not part of our little world by the standards that are acceptable to us. This is called "divide and conquer," and happens to be exactly how male, white patriarchal society operates. When you choose not to see how you, yourself, perpetuate this social model, your world assuredly becomes- or remains- small, "safe," persnickity, judgemental, and uninspiring.
How else could Bill Gates decide it was a good idea to build such a temporal item as a sprawling multimillion-dollar house for his one-child nuclear family, in a society where kids in schools hafta
share textbooks published in 1987? In his little, tiny world, it is acceptable to squander money and responsibility in this manner. I consider it an embarrassing display of karmic retardation when someone invests so much money in something that could burn to ashes in a fire, while human beings continue to starve and go insane on the streets.
We learn to justify many preposterous actions within the small worlds we are encouraged to create throughout life.

You can't be a solitary human being. [We're] all linked... Becasue of this deep sense of community, the harmony of the group is a prime attribute. And so you realize that anything that undermines the harmony is to be avoided as much as possible. Anger and jealousy and revenge are particularily corrosive, so you try... to enhance the humanity of the other, becasue in that process, you enhance your own.' (The Progressive, Feb 1998, 19)

We are
all raised under the influences of negative standards set by our culture. We naturally fail to note that all the women around us are dealing with the exact same things, in entirely different ways.
If you want to find out how your opression infringes on your freedom, walk in to the bathroom, stare deeply into your own eyes, and face your pain without blame. Don't go feeling sorry for them ladies in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan until you do this first. Don't be dissin' on ubermodel-types with silicone titties until you do this first. Don't sneer at women from a class or ethnicity different from your own, at lesbians, bi-women, straight women, fat women, skinny women, old women or young women until you do this first.
There will remain much sadness in the world until people are willing to rise to the task of facing the world's pain in the bathroom mirror.
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