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surprise me with a puppy and i'll hug your neck

Since I'm typing it up for my lj anyway, i'll post here too...

And the other excerpt I find most valuable from Cunt:
"Whores have no labor unions, no health insurance, no retirement fund, no unemployment insurance and no legal rights. Since a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, the nonexistant rights and freedoms of women who understand the power of cunts conceivably more than any other group of women in our society bespeaks the constitution of the chain we ladies are dealing with here.
Is it a mere coincidence that women so specifically, physically associated with cunts have no rights in this culture?
Without honoring Whores, we cannot truly understand and transcend the dynamics of ciolence, destruction and ignorance fostered in our cuntfearing society. The fact that some women are considered "bad" is a puritanically based value judgement that reinforces a fatal division between women. Many women allow our lives and sexial expression to be dictated by the threat of being percieved as "Whores." Because of thinking like this, our society is brimming with women who have a hard time understanding, for instance, that Whores can be and are sexually assaulted.
"How," one might ask, "can a woman who accepts money for sex be raped? Or perhaps, "What does a woman who puts herself in that position expect?"
The fact that either question is considered at all plausible reflects the self-defeating ignorance we ourselves perpetuate.
The measure of respect Whores recieve is in direct proportion to the measure of respect all women recieve. Until there is an established, respected place for Whores in this society, no woman will have an established, respected foundation of power."
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