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From hush hush to cunt! (the milwaukee cunt convention)

Hello, the subject of this post may in fact be a bit deceptive because it's geared towards everyone, not just women.

I'm on the "cunt committee" organizing an event that's a full weekend long (fri. night-sun.)at Bucketworks focusing on gender issues. the events is actually three events all rolled up into one;

The Milwaukee Cunt Convention (Fri. night-Sat. morning lock-in)
The Milwaukee Cock Convention (Fri. noon-night dinner &forum)
Open Gender (Both convention have gender forum &sexy scrabble)

I'm working on the cunt convention so I want to give some info about that.

The event is inspired by Cunt (Inga Muscio's book for those who don't know) but is going way above and beyond that as far as what goes on. There's going to be lots of food (and we didn't forget about the vegans!) Several forums that will NOT be boring lectures, a communal art project... a lot of good stuff is gonna happen, and, a lot of issues will be attacked.

Both events are by invitation only and have limited space!!

For more information about either the cunt or convention, or for an invitation request contact:

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